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You can have one online or at our partner clinic in London

You can either send us your OPG X-ray directly, or you can attend a consultation in London during which a dentist will examine your teeth and, if necessary, take an OPG X-ray. In either case, our team will then create the best possible treatment plan for you.

The first option is free, whilst the second costs 80GBP inclusive of the OPG X-ray.

Travel arrangement

Easier than you think

Once you have decided to proceed, we will arrange everything for you, including flights, accommodation and transfers. Daily flights from London to Budapest and Debrecen (two hours) start from £50-100 return.

3 star accommodation is available from £30 / night. Our taxi driver will both collect and take you back to the airport (£15-20).

Treatment in Hungary

The treatment, in plain language

Day 1: Your principal implantologist (Dr. Gabor or Dr. Attila) will extract your teeth, insert your implants, an impression will be made of your implants which will be sent to the dental lab. Takes approx. 3 hours.

Days 2-3: The foundations of your bridges will be fitted and the condition of your implants and gums checked.

Day 4: You will discuss the colour and shape of your teeth with your specialist and dental technicians, with whose assistance you will be able to choose the best option.

Day 5: You will receive your beautiful new teeth and be advised as to how best to look after them.

Day 6: First check up, when your specialist will check your implants and bridges.

Day 7: Second check up, afterwhich you can travel home.


We keep in touch!

You will receive a written guarantee, valid for at least 5 years, from the clinic at which you received your treatment. We will remind you of when to attend your initial check-up in Hungary, as well as off subsequent check-up times scheduled to maximise the longevity of your implants.

How a dream came true in just 5 days

Watch the video to hear the true story of Tom, who received 21 implants and 28 teeth in only 5 days and changed his life.

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