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In the case of toothlessness the reason for the difficulties with eating is obvious: no teeth. Dentures replace missing teeth but wearing them is only a temporary solution. It can cause  severe and irreversible problems in the long term especially when it comes to eating.

Who would wish to say no to their favourite dishes?


No one, of course. Think about the family occasions and holidays during which people eat all kinds of dishes. Eating is an essential part of our lives. The only difference is that those who have fixed tooth replacement or natural teeth can eat anything from the table and those who wear dentures can eat and chew only certain kinds of dishes.


Do not say no to the joy of eating, eat whatever you want


It is obvious that eating is fun and brings joy. You surely do not want to give up on this source of joy. Is there a solution to eat the food we love for the rest of our lives?

Yes, there is.

Before revealing that, you need to understand why and how we lose the chewing force.

steak and chips

Would you like to eat it without any difficulties?

Dentures makes you have smaller bites

Dentures is a perfect temporary solution but we can surely forget about the healthy chewing force. Dentures do not function as the natural teeth as it drives the energy differently. The tooth roots are responsible for balancing the energy. Wearing dentures for a long time results in bone recession. Later on we might not be able to receive implants at all because of this.

Dentures have no roots at all. Dentures does not lead the energy to the jaw, it absorbs the energy so the bigger we try to bite the bigger the chance is to make the dentures move.


Comparison between the way natural teeht and dentures work

So we are forced to have smaller bites. This results in not being able to chew the food properly.

What is worse, dentures affect the jaw as well. Losing teeth and wearing dentures for a long time can result in premature ageing.

You can lose more than 98% percent of your chewing force within 15 years.

Chewing force

In the picture you can see how the bite changes in the case of various tooth replacement methods.


  • Healthy teeth: In the case of healthy teeth the chewing force is 100%. This means that our bite is the biggest with healthy teeth.
  • Implants: An implant is a fixed tooth replacement that works very similarly to the healthy teeth. Why? An implant functions almost the same as the healthy tooth root. It helps to lead the energy that goes to the jaw so we can have a bigger bite than with any other tooth replacement methods. You can find out more about implants here.
  • Dentures: This force can be reduced to 25% in the first few years by wearing dentures. This means that we can bite four times less. This reduction is enough to have difficulties with eating a steak.
  • After wearing dentures for 15 years: The chewing force can be reduced to 2% in 15 years.


Here’s the solution that makes is possible to enjoy eating for the rest of our lives.

Fixed tooth replacement is a permanent solution for those who have lost all of their natural teeth or wear dentures as these teeth are very similar to the originals in function and appearance. Implants function similarly to tooth roots, they also balance the chewing force in the jaw bones so there is an excellent chance that the bone loss stops.


Comparison of the implants and dentures



6 additional problems caused by dentures

Dentures can cause several other problems that only a few dentists talk about:

1. You will look prematurely aged. You will have wrinkles and your jaw will be smaller due to rapid bone loss. You can find out more about premature ageing here.


2. Dentures can cause jaw bone loss. There are many people who cannot receive implants after having been toothless or having worn dentures for a long time as they don’t have sufficient bone left.


3. Dentures have to be adjusted every few years. Dentures are in need of occasional adjustments as they cannot align properly due to bone recession.


4. Difficulties in speaking. With moving dentures oral articulation is difficult, in addition they can cause wounds in the mouth that hurt while eating.


5. Can ill-fitting dentures cause cancer? Moving dentures can cause irritation, pain and wounds in the mouth that can become infected later on. Mouth cancer can develop in the infected areas.


6. Why are dentures a short-term solution for dental problems? It is good to know that besides smaller or bigger everyday problems, dentures can cause long term health problems that you may have never even heard about before.

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