The dangers of ill-fitting dentures

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Have you had enough of wishing to have your teeth replaced whilst the word ‘dentures’ make you associate it with many problems? It is good to know that besides smaller or bigger everyday problems, dentures can cause long term health problems that you may have never even heard about before. Would you like to find out the risks of ill-fitting dentures and how to avoid them?

The most common way to have your missing teeth replaced is wearing dentures. As regards the prices, it is cheaper that implantation, however, after reading this blog, you will see the many health problems it can cause in the long and short run.


Recognise the signs!

If you experience any of the following signs, do not hesitate to visit your dentist as you are likely to have ill-fitting dentures:


  • Your dentures often move while speaking or chewing.
  • You feel pain or burning sensation in your mouth.
  • There are bleeding, inflammation or wounds in your mouth.
  • You cannot chew all kinds of food with your dentures.
  • Your digestions is worse since you wear the dentures and you have gastric acid.
  • Unpleasant mouth taste.
  • Bad breath.


Ill-fitting dentures - recognise the signs


Implantation can be a solution for all the above mentioned issues. If you wish to get rid of the problems with dentures do not stop here. In the following parts of our blog we will go into details regarding the problems with ill-fitting dentures and we will show you how to avoid these with implantation.


The Most Common Short-Term Problems



Wearing dentures often causes discomfort. On one hand, it is because it does not fit tightly to the palate and the gum and that causes the movements. On the other hand, there is a foreign matter in the mouth almost all day long. For speaking and chewing people use the dentures instead of the natural teeth.


Not a natural look

As dentures are made of plastic they cannot have as a natural look as crowns and bridges on implants made by the dental lab. Most patients find this issue the biggest regarding dentures as who would not wish to be proud of their smile?


Moving dentures

Even if the patient uses a denture adhesive high of quality, it is possible to experience movement. It regularly happens while speaking, chewing, coughing or sneezing that can cause very unpleasant situations. If you also wear dentures you might be familiar with the feeling of not not being able to speak or eat carefreely because of the fear of a sudden movement.


Difficulty in speaking

The foreign object in the mouth and the moving itself unfortunately causes problems with speaking too. It is because of the fact that our teeth and gum play an important role in voice-production and these are replaced by the dentures. The most problematic letter is ‘S’ that results in lisping.


Dentures difficulty in chewing - solutions dental implants

Dental implants are fixed and permanent solutions


Difficulty in chewing too

Wearing dentures can also cause problems in chewing. Any movement can cause difficulties in proper chewing some people say that their sense of taste have changed since wearing dentures. The reason for the latter is that the dentures cover the gustatory buds so there is no direct connection with the food and they are unable to function properly.


Sore, blister and pain

The gum is exposed to a constant irritation by the dentures. The irritation causes sore and blister in the inside of the mouth (e.g. on the palate or gum) causing pain.

Irritation caused by the denture adhesive

When the dentures move people tend to use more adhesive more frequently to fit the dentures. As some adhesive are high in zinc, using it too many times can cause an overdose of zinc that can lead to numbness and pain from the nerves in the long run.

Long cleaning procedure

Cleaning dentures requires more attention, time and energy. After taking them out, they have to be cleaned with a simple toothbrush - just like our natural teeth - and it should be put it in a soak by adding a special cleaning tablet to the water. As an adhesive has to be bought too, cleaning the dentures are costly in the long run. It is worth to spend money on as not proper cleaning can result in several negative effects.


The Most Common Long-Term Problems


Fungal and bacterial infection

If the denture is not cleaned properly or if the food that stuck between the dentures and gum or palate for a long time it can easily cause fungal and bacterial infection. This infection causes constant pain, bad breath and can affect the health of the whole body.


Gum and bone recession

The constant irritation and inflammation can lead to gum recession. As the dentures - in opposition to the implants cannot function like natural teeth the jawbone does not get enough mechanical pressure that is needed to keep itself healthy. As a result, the gum and the jaw bone can recede as time goes by.


Gum and bone recession with dentures


The structure of the jawbone and face change

The structure of the face can change if the jaw bone is receded. In this case the lips turn towards the inside of the mouth, the chin and the cheekbone lifts, the face is sunken, the skin has more wrinkles which makes the overall look of the face much older. If the jawbone changes the denture received earlier cannot accommodate to the change and the denture will be more uncomfortable. In these cases there is a need for an alignment or a change.

Problems with digestions, gastric acid

Wearing dentures can cause problems with chewing hard food.  The stomach has to produce more acid to digest the food that was not chewed properly before swallowing and it unfortunately can lead to gastric ulcer.

Irritation caused by the adhesive

When the dentures move people tend to use more adhesive more frequently to fit the dentures. As some adhesive are high in zinc, using it too many times can cause an overdose of zinc that can lead to numbness and pain from the nerves in the long run.

Lack of self-confidence

One of the most important problems with dentures is not always physical but it mostly affects the emotions. Those who wear dentures complaining about losing their self-confidence and confident appearance. Unfortunately, it can affect speaking, smiling and relations.


Problem with dentures - the solutions are dental implants


The solution: dental implants

As we have already mentioned, implantation can be a solution for all the above mentioned issues.

Let’s see the greatest advantages of dental implants in opposition to dentures:

✓ They are fixed and permanent solutions as successful implantation can be a solution for longer than wearing dentures

✓ The implant is stable in the jawbone so it does not move while speaking, eating, coughing or sneezing

✓ They function like the natural teeth so there is no discomfort

✓ The are no difficulties in voice-production and chewing

✓ There is no gum irritation so - if cleaned properly- there will be no wounds, boils or infection

✓ Implants function just like the natural teeth so the jawbone gets enough mechanical pressure being able to keep its healthy structure and level

✓ Cleaning implanted teeth are just like cleaning natural ones. There is no need (and is not possible) to take them out. They can be cleaned with a toothbrush, toothpaste and interdental brushes too.

✓ As the dental team in the dental lab use the latest technology and materials while making the bridges and crowns for the implants, they look just like the natural teeth. The patients can get back their self-confidence and can live a life fulfilled again.


Have you also had enough of the problems caused by dentures?

We believe that you also deserve a fix and permanent solution to have your missing teeth replaced.

So far, dental implants are the most effective solutions for those who are seeking long-term solutions for replacing their missing teeth. The implant supported crowns or bridges are not just beautiful and natural-looking but they also stay in place in every situation so you can forget the embarrassing situations when dentures slip out while eating, laughing or speaking.

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