How much does a smile cost? 4 affordable + 1 priceless advantages

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Most people cannot see beyond the cosmetic and functional advantages of having tooth replacements. Do you think tooth replacement is only ever about these considerations? This is not a simple service or product we simply take off the shelf and buy, it is much more than that. When people opt for implants a lot of them are unaware that they are not just receiving new teeth,but something else too.

How can one ask such a ‘stupid’ question? This question may appear meaningless in itself now, but I promise that you will understand its importance by the time you get to the end of this article.


4 affordable + 1 priceless advantages you can enjoy for sure

You have probably already read or heard about the great advantages of fixed tooth replacements. Please take the time to re-acquaint yourself with some of the advantages that you are almost certainly already aware of below:

4 affordable advantages


Advantages of teeth replacement 1.
You can eat whatever and whenever you like.  Chewing ability improves due to the stability of your teeth and you do not have to say ‘no’ to your favourite dishes. For us, the British, steak and chips are like the salt of life: life would be bland without them. Read more about how dentures will alter your eating habits »
Advantages of teeth replacement 2.
You give your self-confidence a boost. Frustration due to wearing partial or full dentures is automatically eliminated. Your new teeth will look almost exactly the same as your originals. With the help of a certain technology natural looking teeth can be created so that 96 % of people will be unable to tell whether they are original or not. 
Advantages of teeth replacement 3.
You will not appear prematurely aged and the process of facial collapse caused by wearing dentures can be slowed down or stopped. You will not develop wrinkles prematurely and your chin will not shrink, which are disadvantages most dentists do not talk about. Read more about the denture induced premature aging »
Advantages of teeth replacement 4.
You can speak properly again. With the help of fixed teeth you can form and pronounce words that caused difficulties before. Read more about why do dentures cause problems while speaking »

These are obviously all great advantages and we can all benefit from them .


The real advantage is far simpler, although its value cannot be measured financially.

+1 Advantage:

Your smile and laugh are priceless and irreplaceable. They help to make you feel happy and proud.

What would your loved ones give to see you happy again? And what would you give to have them feel the same way?

There are some people who are happy because you are happy, but if you are unhappy they are too.

The real value you will regain, for sure, will be from your laugh and smile. You can make your loved ones happy again with your smile, you can have a good laugh with your friends at some good jokes and if someone smiles at you on the street you will be able to smile back confidently.

The change will not only affect you but your entire surroundings too.

Would you be sad, if everyone around you were smiling? If everyone were laughing, would you be sitting silently? No, right?! We affect our surroundings just as much as they affect us.

Smiles and laughter are what help to make grey weekdays colourful and bring joy to our lives. The more you smile and laugh, the more people you can make happy and vice-versa.


A person’s real handicap is not in having no teeth at all or in wearing dentures but in not leading a fulfilled and happy life due to inconveniences associated with these issues.


Problems you can eradicate:

  • Feeling ashamed in front of relatives and friends
  • Constant internal frustration about the ways you need to cover your teeth so that they cannot be seen by others
  • Holding back on a good laugh and smile
  • Giving up on kissing and romantic moments
  • Feeling lonely all the time due to avoiding social interaction

And the constant frustrations and problems that burden you now because you wear dentures.

If nothing else, please remember and take this with you from this article:

Next time you think about what you could gain from tooth replacements, bear this article in mind. Our advice is that you think of tooth replacements as an investment in happiness and well-being and not as an unavoidable and inconvenient expense. They constitute a valuable investment not just for yourself but your loved ones’ happiness too; if you’re happy, they’re happy.

Fixed teeth replacements are not just new teeth, they provide new opportunities for a fulfilled and happy life.

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Customer Service Awards


100% recommended

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