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Abbey and the 5 day implant system

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This middle-aged patient had received numerous dental treatment: bridges, crowns, root canal treatment, posts, etc. She couldn't wear dentures and could only chew with her front teeth.

Her dental history

She had raised four children and had no problems with her teeth until she reached 40. Her lower molar teeth became loose and were extracted and she got dentures that she couldn't wear. She could only chew with her front teeth, which also became loose and so she needed more and more treatment in the years that followed.

There were two reasons for her tooth loss:

  • a severe lack of calcium during pregnancy and while breastfeeding
  • two root canals had not been treated properly, which caused inflammation


About her treatment

Severe inflammation around the upper teeth made it impossible for the dentist to save them and so they were all extracted (12) and replaced with 10 BCS implants and a 12-unit bridge. She also received 2-2 KOS implants and 3-3-unit bridges on both sides of her lower jaw to increase chewing ability and reduce pressure on the front teeth.

The whole treatment took 5 days and the patient stayed an additional 2 days to have her beautiful new teeth checked.

It is extremely important to maintain a high calcium intake following lactation in order to have healthy bones and teeth; a severe lack of calcium causes the same problem for many female patients of about the same age.  In many cases, severe bone loss makes it impossible for implantologists to help these patients using conventional implant systems.

However, in most cases our specialists can help these patients by replacing their missing teeth with a cuttiing edge 5 day implant system.



Do you need similar solution?

We believe that you also deserve a fix and permanent solution to have your missing teeth replaced.

So far, dental implants are the most effective solutions for those who are seeking long-term solutions for replacing their missing teeth. The implant supported crowns or bridges are not just beautiful and natural-looking but they also stay in place in every situation so you can forget the embarrassing situations when dentures slip out while eating, laughing or speaking.

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Why is the implantologist's expertise important?

Unfortunately, an implant treatment carried out improperly can cause several problems: inflammation, bone and gum recession and in the end it might result in the loss of implant.

Over the last ten years our dentists, implant specialists have treated thousands of satisfied patients. The implant success rate is approx. 98%, providing patients with asecure and permanent solution to their specific dental problem.

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As every case is different, in order to find the most suitable option for your dental problem we need your OPG x-ray. Based on this our implant specialists drawing upon the range of available implant systems will provide you with the solution best suited to you.

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Let us help you to overcome it!

Our world-class implantologists offer a ground-breaking procedure that makes dental restoration possible for almost every patient. It is even suitable for people who have previously failed implantation procedures due to severely atrophied jaw bones and bone recession.

In the last 17 years we have helped literally thousands of people to receive beautiful, strong new teeth and to lead happier and more fulfilled lives.
There is no need to endure a lengthy recovery period as your new teeth will be installed in just 5 days!

Dental implants dramatically improve chewing ability and facial appearance, while our patients also talk about how they enhance their quality of life and boost self-confidence!

First-class treatments

Unbeatable prices

Hungary is the flagship country of dental tourism, renowned for high quality treatments, state-of-the-art clinics, highly-trained and experienced dentists, strict health regulations but also affordable prices. Some of these groundbreaking, new technology treatments, including the 5-day implant system are simply not available in the UK.

You can combine a dental journey with a gorgeous holiday in Hungary, and you can save up to 70% on your whole treatment costs (including consultation, travel, accommodation and dental treatment), compared to UK prices!

To make the process even more hassle-free for you, the initial consultation, aftercare and check-ups are held in London by the very same implantologists who will give you beautiful new teeth in your treatment in Hungary. You can rest assured that you will be in the same hands during the whole process.

Full jaw restoration
with the Swiss 5 day implant system

  Typical UK price Our price in Hungary  
Full jaw restoration
(without additional treatments)
£26,000 £5,995
Travel expenses for 2 occasions
(flights, hotel)
- £1000
Total price £26,000 £6,995
  savings: £19,005 (73%)
Calculating with additional treatments (eg.: IV sedation, extrations) the difference would be even bigger!
Typical UK price Our price in Hungary
Full jaw restoration
(without additional treatments)
£26,000 £5,995
Travel expenses for 2 occasions
(flights, hotel)
- £1000
Total price £26,000 £6,995
Total savings: £19,005 (73%)
Calculating with additional treatments (eg.: IV sedation, extrations) the difference would be even bigger!


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