7 essential things you should know about dentures

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What your dentist probably never told you

Please bear with us and take a little time to read through the following in order to acquaint yourself with 7 essential things you should know about dentures, the reason being that you owe it to yourself to be as well informed as you possibly can be when it comes to your dental well-being. So, has your dentist really told you everything you should know about dentures? You are soon to find out.

7 shocking disadvantages of dentures


You can irreversibly begin to lose bone in your jaw

Bone loss commences from the moment you lose a natural tooth and subsequent bone recession is the root of further severe consequences.

Dentures cannot prevent this from happening as the bone does not receive enough mechanical pressure to keep itself healthy. Read more about bone loss »

Bone loss in the jaw due to dentures


Premature ageing due to dentures

You will look prematurely aged

Dentures can make you look 10 years older than you really are. Due to bone loss, facial structures deteriorate over time, resulting in wrinkles, collapsed face, thinning lips, “witches’ chin” and sunken jaws.

This is one of the biggest disadvantages dentists almost never talk about. Read more about the denture induced premature aging »


Needs to be adjusted or replaced every few years

As they cannot be aligned properly due to bone recession, dentures are in need of occasional adjustments in order to ensure a proper fit and to avoid the inherent dangers of ill-fitting. This is only ever a temporary solution as dentures always start moving after time, even following adjustments. Read more about why dentures need to be adjusted »

Dentist visit


Problems with eating

Slipping or floating of dentures

Ill-fitting dentures can slip or float while speaking or chewing. Even if you use a high quality denture adhesive, it is still possible that you will experience movement. This regularly happens while speaking, chewing, coughing or sneezing, which can lead to very unpleasant situations. Read more about why do dentures cause problems while speaking »


Pain and wounds in the mouth

Dentures that are not fitted properly can cause pain, inflammation and wounds in your mouth. Moving dentures make verbal articulation difficult and, in addition, can cause wounds in the mouth that hurt while eating. These wounds in the mouth may also become infected. Did you know that ill-fitting dentures can cause mouth cancer? »

Pain and wounds in the mouth


Problems with eating

You can forget about eating your favourite foods

As a consequence of reduced chewing ability your bite will be weaker, so you may have problems eating hard foods. You can lose up to 98% of your chewing force within 15 years.

Not being able to chew food properly can result in problems with digestion, stomach ache, constipation and other kinds of stomach problems. Read more about how dentures will alter your eating habits »


A short-term solution

It can never be certain that dentures will be a good solution in 10-15 years’ time as they do nothing to stop bone recession, which is a consequence of tooth loss. As a result, dentures cannot adhere to a stable surface and so will move and might even fall out.

Wearing dentures for a long period of time puts you at risk of being unsuitable for implants in the future.

Dentures are only a short-term solution
The real disadvantage of dentures however, regardless of the above,
is that they are cheap. This is what we mean:

The low price of dentures can result in people living with these disadvantages, willingly or unwillingly, for decades. Only a few people are aware of these disadvantages and accept them but most people are not well informed about these issues. Dentures are cheap compared to general UK prices and long term professional tooth replacement methods.

Before you give in to the lower price of dentures, ask yourself this:

"Can I live with the disadvantages
of wearing dentures?"

There is no hot air in this question, it simply highlights the most important consideration. There is a long term solution for those who wear dentures but want fixed, permanent teeth: dental implants. Dental implants act as artificial roots loaded with crowns or a bridge to provide firm, stable teeth which are almost exactly the same as your originals in both function and appearance.

Implants have benefits which you cannot put a price on.

Implants vs. dentures

Implants Dentures
Eating It is possible eat your favourite dishes for a lifetime. Chewing ability improves thanks to fixed tooth replacements. Chewing ability deteriorates,which can cause problems while eating. Food that is not chewed properly can result in digestive problems.
Self-confidence You will laugh and smile as easily as you ever did. Eliminates the frustration caused by lacking teeth or moving dentures. Wearing dentures can result in a lack of self-confidence that results in people having fewer social interactions.
Aesthetics They look like natural teeth. 99 out of 100 not know that you have tooth replacements. They are very similar to teeth but it are removable. Natural teeth cannot be inserted and removed.
Bone recession You can avoid premature aging caused by wearing dentures. Implants act in the same way as tooth roots so implants can radically slow down or stop bone recession. Wearing dentures causes bone loss which will result in wrinkles and appearing older than we actually are.
Solution You dental problems can be sorted out for good if you maintain a good dental hygiene regime and attend check-ups regularly. Dentures are only ever a temporary solution as they cause additional problems (bone loss, premature ageing, chewing force reduction).
Extra expenses No need for denture creams or adhesives. Adhesive creams for dentures and the cost of adjusting or replacing them.

You can live a fulfilled life again
with affordable implants

As people we do not like to compromise, especially when it comes to being forced to say ‘no’ to things, experiences and tastes that we love and which bring joy to our lives. We love to eat, laugh and smile. Who would want to give these things up?

No one, of course. You do not need to rob a bank or win the lottery to afford this, there’s no need for that, at least not on our account.

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